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BakeRona Traybake Selection Box (16)

Bake Rona Baker Moville
Bake Rona Baker Moville

Kinder Beuno Rocky Roads (+€4)

Caramel Squares

Bakewell Blondies 

Kinder Chocolate Cookie Squares

Triple Chocolate NYC Cookies 

Almond & Raspberry Traybake 

Peanut Butter Squares

Biscoff Rocky Road

Chocolate Brownies 

Nutella Blondies

Jammy Dodger Blondies 

Malteser Squares 

Coffee & Walnut Cake 

Mini Egg NYC Cookies

Biscoff Caramel Squares

White Chocolate Salted Caramel Squares

Red Velvet NYC Cookies

Biscoff Brownies

Beuno Brownies

Carrot Cake (+€4)

Cornflake Caramel Brownie

Coffee Caramel Square

Box of 16


 (Carrot Cake +€4) 

 (Kinder bueno rocky roads +€4) 

Rona's Traybake Selection Box offers a variety of mouth-watering treats all year round, no matter the occasion. From brownies to blondies and from cakes to cookies, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

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You Must Allow 7 days From Day of Order For Collection

Please ensure total quantities add up to 16,

 32 for 2 boxes, etc.

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